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A few weeks ago a friend asked for some Pictures of Li'l Stormy... This was about all that I could find.. I appologized and promised to  get some more current photos...



How's This for a Photo Upgrade???


Not bad for a naughty PUPPY, eh???


CH RockRainbow CaRob
There's Only One
- "JEEP"

Western English Setter Specialty -  JEEP started his career  going BOS in Sweeps at barely 6 months.  Jeep is a Digit grandson, Essex great grandson.

Minneapolis - January - 9 Months - 1st major

Milwaukee - 10 Months - second major

March - Winners Dog  - Kettle Moraine English Setter Specialty - 3rd Major

And then New Champion!! RockRainbow CaRob There's Only One - "JEEP"

Then it was Off to the Groups and Specialties!! Way to Go Jeepster!!!!!!


CaRob Keep Motor Runnin

Our Digit daughter made her show debut by going Reserve Winner's Bitch-Best Puppy from the 6-9 puppy class at the Kettle Moraine English Setter Specialty.

Bagel continued to mature picking up 11 points and including a 4 point major following the Minnesota ES Specialty



bagel_web_ofter_Minn_Sp.JPG (280x268 -- 33349 bytes)bagelmlkrwb2001_2.JPG (285x231 -- 22437 bytes)
CaRob Oops I Didit Again

Our Digit son made his show debut this spring by going Best of Winner's at 6 months, 1 day for a 3 point major.  


dukemlk2001.JPG (280x225 -- 23298 bytes)
digitmin.jpg (27025 bytes)
Ch. CaRob Painted On Jeans

  Best In Veteran Sweeps -

 for the second year in a row.

digkmesc.JPG (29608 bytes)  

Ch. CaRob Painted On Jeans

Best in  Veteran Sweeps
English Setter Association of America National Specialty and the Kettle Moraine Specialty 
Best of Breed
Minnesota English Setter Specialty

Digit's other daughter -





mad_mwoc.JPG (30924 bytes)
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