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UH OH!!!  

Why are you wearing those long sleeves?? What is 'Cold'????


(Syd ready for her journey to the FROZEN TUNDRA)

HMM ... Now what is it they want from me?? 

(Syd - 10 weeks)

AWww..  C'Mon I need a break!!

( Break Time!!)

Well, as long as the biscuits come fast and furious after I do this junk a while..  



( 5 Months, maybe it's time to train??)

You mean like this??


( Sydney RWB at Kettle Moraine Specialty - on her 6 month birthday!)

OH!! You mean like THIS!!!!



(Sydney WB/BW at Kettle Moraine Specialty from the 6-9 Puppy Class - the very next day!)

BY Golly, I Think SHE'S GOT IT!!!!!





(Sydney - WB/BW Minnesota English Setter Specialty at just 9 months!!

Sydney asks, How can you have THREE Specialty Majors and not be a champion yet??

Sydney taking Best of Winners AND a Merit Award at the Kettle Moraine Specialty, the same specialty she won  Winner's at as a 6-9 puppy. 

   Sydney finishes her championship with her FOURTH Specialty major in a rain storm, same as Last Year!
Sydney had fun fun fun At Kings Island!!

For a Slide show link, click  here!

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